Mass Surveillance: #EPinquiry 7 November 2013

European Parliament, LIBE Committee, 7 November 2013, Hearing on mass surveillance.

Part 1:

"National programmes for mass surveillance in EU Member States and their compatibility with EU law." Dr. Sergio CARRERA, Senior Research Fellow and Head of the JHA Section, Centre for European Policy Studies (CEPS), Brussels & Dr. Francesco RAGAZZI, Assistant Professor in International Relations, Leiden University.

Study of the Policy Department (PDF): National programmes for mass surveillance of personal data in EU Member States and their compatibility with EU law »



Part 2:

"The role of Parliamentary oversight of intelligence services at national level in an era of mass surveillance." Mr Iain CAMERON, Member of the European Commission for Democracy through Law - "Venice Commission"; Mr Ian LEIGH, Professor of Law, Durham University; Mr Aidan WILLS, Independent consultant, formerly with Geneva Centre for the Democratic Control of Armed Forces (DCAF); Mr David BICKFORD, Former Legal Director of the Security and intelligence agencies MI5 and MI6; Mr Gus HOSEIN, Executive Director, Privacy International.



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